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Front-End Development Resume

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James F. Kernicky


Self-taught web designer and developer, lifelong learner. Built 3 personal WordPress websites, one of which uses my custom theme. Have completed online courses on web design, responsive web design, JavaScript, React, and WordPress theme development. Experienced with Git, GitHub contributing, SEO, and blog writing.


    • Web Technologies & Tools: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, React, RWD, WordPress, Git, Bootstrap, Tailwind, JSON, API, Postman, NPM, Webpack, VS Code, Chrome/Firefox Dev Tools, and Figma.


WordPress Theme Development

  • Built a custom theme for my responsive website kernixwebdesign.com based on the _s starter theme. Created child themes and custom templates, and registered custom post types via the mu-plugins folder.
  • Wrote the CSS rules for my theme’s style.css and editor-style.css files. Utilized multiple local development WordPress installs to test JavaScript and changes to my template files and CSS.
  • Utilized functions.php file to add theme support for post formats, thumbnails, registering widgets, enqueueing CSS and JavaScript files, setting the excerpt length, and a custom breadcrumbs function.

Web Design & Development

  • Built projects using React, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Firebase, and MongoDB, and deployed some of them on Netlify and Vercel.
  • Installed node.js for npm packages, live preview, Bundlers (Webpack, Parcel), package.json, File system & HTTPS modules, and file minimization.
  • Used Webpack for automation, hot module replacement, code splitting, PostCSS, autoprefixer, and bundling CSS and JS files.
  • Used the HTML5 Video & Audio JavaScript API to build custom Video and Audio players. Also used Fetch, Web Storage, and the Clipboard APIs for various projects.
  • Built my portfolio page to highlight my projects and the skills learned from my online courses.

Git, GitHub, & Open Source Contributions

  • Used Git with Git Bash and VS Code to clone repositories and contribute PRs and Issues to freeCodeCamp and a few small repos on GitHub.
  • Projects on GitHub include my WordPress theme (Tower), Tarp Configurations, Guitar Chord Namer, Writing Assistant, JavaScript Cheatsheet, Basic Git Commands, and Springfield leaf collection schedule.


  • Bachelor of Science in Operations Management, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA 1992.
  • Udemy courses: WordPress Theme Dev, Vanilla JS, & Modern JS (Brad Traversy); WordPress Dev, Web Dev Workflow, Learn JavaScript, MySQL, & Web Design (Brad Schiff), and WordPress Theme Dev (Zac Gordon).
  • Free online courses: Conquering Responsive Layouts (Kevin Powell), and Responsive Web Design & JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures (freeCodeCamp).
Or if you prefer a PDF version to open in the browser: Web-Design6_2-Web-version.pdf