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Single-page Web Design Resume

James F. Kernicky


I have build 3 personal websites using WordPress with one site using my custom theme. I have completed multiple online courses on web design, JavaScript, and WordPress theme development. Experienced with responsive web design, WordPress plugin setup & configuration, SEO, and blog writing.


  • Web-based tools include HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Parcel, WordPress, Bootstrap, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, GitHub, API (Fetch, Drag & Drop, Google Maps, Youtube), Chrome/Firefox Dev Tools, NPM & Node.js.


WordPress Theme Development

  • Built a custom theme for my website kernixwebdesign.com based on the _s starter theme.
  • Created child themes and custom templates, and registered custom post types via the mu-plugins folder.
  • Standard adds to my functions.php file include adding theme support for common post formats and post thumbnails, registering widgets, enqueueing JavaScript files, and setting the excerpt length.
  • Custom adds to functions.php include creating a breadcrumb function, disabling WP Emojis, adding editor-style.css with add_editor_style, and loading Google Analytics with wp_print_scripts.

Web Design

  • Wrote the CSS rules for my theme’s style.css and editor-style.css files.
  • Installed node.js for live preview, to compile SASS files to CSS, and to create a style-rtl.css file.
  • Utilized multiple local dev WordPress installs to test JavaScript and changes to my CSS.
  • Used the HTML5 Video & Audio JavaScript API to build custom Video and Audio players.
  • Used CSS to create responsive tables for two of my websites.

General WordPress

  • Installed and configured WordPress on 3 live websites and 3 local dev environments.
  • Built a dozen pages using Elementor and wrote over 150 blog posts.
  • Created all my graphics using Inkscape, and optimized all images and graphics with Photoshop and GIMP.
  • On-page SEO experience involves optimizing word and character counts for blog post titles, meta descriptions, intro paragraphs, excerpts, and of course the content.
  • Plugins configured include Yoast SEO, CF7, Updraft Plus, Wordfence, WP Fastest Cache, and WP-Optimize.


  • Premium online courses include Learn to Create WordPress Themes & 20 Vanilla JavaScript Projects from Brad Traversy, Become a WordPress Developer, Learn JavaScript, and Web Design by Brad Schiff, Complete WordPress Theme Development by Zac Gordon, and Build Responsive Websites by Jonas Schmedtmann.
  • Free online courses include Conquering Responsive Layouts by Kevin Powell, and Responsive Web Design & JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures from freeCodeCamp.

Download a *.docx (LibreOffice) version of my one-page resume: Functional-Web-Design5.4.docx

Or if you prefer a PDF version to open in the browser: Functional-Web-Design5.4.pdf