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james kernicky

Front-End Developer & Designer

Applying my love of learning towards web design & development

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my projects

Tarp Configurations

Technologies used: React, JS Math Object, Tailwind CSS, Netlify

  • Calculates ridgeline height for 33 tarp configurations based on user dimensions and tarp size.
  • The output gives the ridgeline height in inches and checks if the user can sit under the design.
  • Graphics that show each tarp design along with fold lines for each and notes on stakes, ropes, poles, etc.
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Guitar Chord Namer

Technologies used: Vanilla JS, Bootstrap

  • A complete guitar chord naming app for every possible chord built from the most popular scales.
  • Users enter 3 to 6 notes with options for different tunings & chords in sharp or flat keys.
  • The chord name, notes, intervals, and other useful chord information are added to the DOM.
computer keyboard

Writing Assistant

Technologies used: Vanilla JS, Clipboard API

  • A mouse-based text input tool for composing emails and documents.
  • Users can enter text into a text area from a virtual keyboard, or by clicking common words and phrases.
  • The Clipboard API is used to copy the text area for use in email and word processing applications.
computer with data visualizations

Custom WordPress Theme

Technologies used: WordPress, PHP, _s, Composer

  • My custom WordPress theme (Tower) is based on the _s starter theme.
  • Custom functions in the functions.php file and the package Composer to generate a style-rtl.css file.
  • Custom design for the pages, posts, and blog page, with custom HTML used for the editor.

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about me

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Hello! My name is Jim. My interest in website design started back in 2009 when I built my outdoor photography and pet services websites with Dreamweaver.

I installed WordPress on my pet service site in 2018, and a year later created my guitar chords site also with WordPress. I developed my WordPress theme (Tower) in 2020 and built my third website (Kernix Web Design) with that theme. Now I am focusing on JavaScript and web development.

I ran my pet service business for the past 13 years so I am a motivated and independent worker. I look forward to working alongside experienced developers and continuing to learn the craft of web development!

examples of my outdoor photography

  • Falls Bridge over the Schuykill River, Phila., PA
  • Boathouse Row at sunset from Spring Garden Bridge, Phila., PA
  • Reflection of trees in water at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA

Let me know how I can help you!

Send me an email from my WordPress website or call me at (484) 432-9712.

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